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Leading Hog Roast Catering Award


BBQ Menus

The Yorkshire barbecue catering team soley cook and prepare all of our food with free range pork from our local Yorkshire premium farm supplier. We make all BBQ sausages from scratch, as well as our burgers which are also made by hand. This way we can guarentee top quality ingredients so our Yorkshire barbecue caterers can create the very tastiest BBQ food possible.

Barbecue Caterers Barbecue Caterers Wedding Barbecue Catering

Whatever your catering needs, barbecue catering is a fantastic and unique solution - we cook and serve fresh on site at your event with the best free range mouth watering barbecued food which is always perfectly cooked. We are happy to cater all events including weddings, parties and business occasions or corporate events.

Just decide on a serving time for your event, we make choosing the food really easy with our set menus and packages and our barbecue caterers will make sure everything else is taken care of including cleaning up and disposing of rubbish after service. One of the reasons we set up a Yorkshire catering company was to make sure barbecue food could be catered to our clients in the most efficient way possible. This way there is no stress for our clients, leaving both the guests and organisers time to relax and just concentrate on enjoying the party or event.

Yorkshire Barbecue Menus

Yorkshire has become the home of many truly happy BBQs thanks to our expert professional barbecue catering team. No longer when Barbecuing will you have to worry about 'dodgy' sausages or how much to cook the food. Our trained caterers have year's of experience with BBQ food serving barbecues at hundreds of events each year with succulent mouth-watering meats hot from our BBQs. So book Yorkshire barbecue caterers today!

All our sausages and tasty burgers are handmade along with freshly prepared salads. Our staff take pride, care and passion in everything we produce and serve.

All menus include quality disposable crockery and cutlery

The Classic BBQ

Simple But Nice Burger
Plain 100% Homemade beef steak burgers*

(*Option to add cheese & onion)

Amazing Bangers
Award winning posh homemade pork
sausage on the side for dipping in our
selection of sauces

Veggie Option
Vegetable Burger (v)

Mediterranean salad
Homemade coleslaw
Selection of sauces


Great British BBQ

A Classic
100% Homemade beef steak burgers topped off
with cheese and onions
Served in a bun

Yummy Bangers
Homemade award winning
old spot pork sausages

Jerk Chicken
Chicken breast fillets
Marinated in a Jerk Sauce

Veggie Option

Veggie Burger (v)

Rocket & parmesan shavings salad
Homemade coleslaw
Red onion & tomato salad
Selection of sauces

The All American BBQ

The American Classic
100% Homemade beef steak burgers topped with Monterey jack cheese with pickles & onions and our Homemade Signature bbq Sauce served in a soft bun

Sausage on the Side
Posh homemade old spot pork sausages

Veggie Option

Veggie burgers (v)

Homemade Coleslaw
Classic leaf salad
A selection of traditional sauces

Southwest BBQ

Beef Brisket
BBQ Shredded black angus beef brisket
in a Bun with our smoky bourbon house sauce and cheese & onions

Banger to Die For
Homemade caramelised onion sausages

South Carolina Chicken
BBQ’d chicken fillets in our sweet and sticky sauce

Veggie Option

Spicy bean burgers (v)

Homemade spicy asian coleslaw
bean and sweetcorn salad in our cajun mayo
Selection of sauces


Smokin Texas

Philly Steak
Slow roasted smoked black angus beef
brisket smoothed in creamy blue cheese sauce,
topped with free range crispy
bacon in a soft bun

Texas Chicken
Chicken fillets in garlic, chilli, salt and
pepper rub with BBQ sauce on the side

Veggie Option

Spicy bean burgers (v)

Smoky beans with peppers & onions in our BBQ sauce

Signature dish – Blue cheese slaw

Texas style potato salad with red onion
peppers and mustard dressing


Our Yorkshire BBQ catering team produce hand-made sausages and barbecue beef burgers from scratch to serve in our menus. Our catering team also create fresh home-made salads and sauces; putting pride and passion into all the produce we prepare served to guests all Served how they like it, pilled high or a bit on the side.

vegetarian option (v)

Contact us for availability and pricing. For barbecue prices and quotes please email our bbq caterers for a free quote for your party or event. Our BBQ Caterers work throughout Yorkshire.